Hello there!

Welcome to Shelvey, an app custom-built by me alone.

The incentive to build it came up when I was re-organizing my boardgame collection (again) and wasn't very satisfied with the result.

This app should help you out with this, trying some things out first before you spend time moving around cardboard plastic-filled boxes.

Coincidentally you can use the app to decide on which game to play next, perhaps games with the least number of plays (shelf of shame) or a suggested number of players, all shown visually and easily accessible.

Features to be added after the initial release:

  • Save the shelves, filtering and sorting you did to your account
  • Create your boardgame bookcase digitally with proper shelve sizes and view your collection on the shelves
  • Also import books from Goodreads, movies and videogames from other similar sources
  • Share your collection with other users and vote on what game to play next game session
  • And more!

If you have any suggestions, feedback or other remarks please let me know!

I included a Donate button in the footer of the page if you want to spare me a cup of coffee.

Thanks for using Shelvey!

Tom 👋


🔗 Subreddit for Shelvey: https://www.reddit.com/r/shelvey/

Tech used:

  • SvelteJS
  • Netlify
  • Supabase

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